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Sick of these people

2011-10-13 11:11:32 by 0497335119


Sick of these people


2011-07-14 18:47:09 by 0497335119




2011-04-14 18:42:02 by 0497335119

Keep tuned because...




2011-01-15 20:35:15 by 0497335119

Sup all, nothing new or interesting so here's a little fact

My favorite game of all times ! None of the recent games coming out even compare to the fun I've had playing the original xbox game Voodoo Vince, I just loved the game, it was challenging, had a long story for games in that time, took skill ( compared to the crap being sold now, I honestly believe the older games took more skills to play than the new games they're selling now ) and was fun to play, I'm pretty dissapointed that microsoft didn't gave us the option to play original xbox games on the 360... Yes I know some are compatible, but why not all, It's always fun being able to play old games from our younger ages...

Anyway, I don't know if I'm the only one who enjoyed this game so much, but so be it, I loved the game and somethimes I'm still playing it on my original xbox =d


Who do you think is a M.I.L.F

2010-12-20 15:47:34 by 0497335119


Who in your opinion is a M.I.L.F. ( = Mother I'd Like 2 Fuck )

Who do you think is a M.I.L.F


2010-08-14 09:02:24 by 0497335119

Today I had my ninjutsu final graduation and I passed :D

I had to fight my trainer, my dojo leader and 6 students ( 8 fighters ) and everything was accepted and guess what.... BEHOLD THE NEW BLACK NINJA :D I reached the highest rank in the club and next year I'll be teaching the sport to students in grade 6 ( 14-18yr )


- Run 5km in 18minutes ( 5km = 3.1068miles )
- Lift 100kg ( 220pounds)
- Win a unfair fight category S ( Against 6persons minimum )
- Run on a wall and do backflip
- Climb a wall of 3meters heigh using only your equipment

What I did:

- Ran 5km or 3.10miles in 17.8
- Lifted 120kg ( 264pounds)
- Won and unfair fight against 8 mothafuckers :D
- Ran a wall,fucked upthe backflip and damaged my arm and haircut ( no one's perfect xD )
- Climbed a wall, made it on top and forgot half of my equipment downstairs xD

Final Score:

Running: 10/10
Lifting : 10/10
Unfair fight 10/10
Run a wall 4/10
Climbing 6/10

Final score: 40/50 --> Passed :D



2010-05-26 08:28:13 by 0497335119


Modern warfare 2 noob weapons

2010-02-24 12:33:02 by 0497335119

First of all let me introduce myself

I'm DMKAMIKAZii ( xbox live ) , a sponsored player by Infinity Gaming and MadCatz , So I know what I'm talking about when talking about noob weapons.

So I'm gonna list here all the name of the noob weapons ( CONFIRMED BY THE MAKERS OF THE GAME ) They told me if they put those guns out of the game, a lot of people will stop playing and it isn't good for business...

1- M16 --> Definitly the most noob gun in the game, combined with whatever attachment you want it's noob, 3 bullets 1kill

2- Famas --> Same principe of the M16

3- Scar H --> Most noobish gun in the game , silencer , red dot , name it , it's definatly a noob gun

4- Tar 21 --> The only time when it's not a noob gun is when you combine it with cold blood to flank your ennemies

5- ACR --> Yes, sorry to break this to you , but ACR has NO recoil , None , and don't come crying with it does deal less damage bullshit because even with that less damage it kills faster than an M16

6- UMP45 --> Definitly YES, combined with whatever you want , rapid fire , silencer , ... it is a noob gun , when tested with IW we concluded that 1 bullet is enough to kill you when knowing where to shoot it, I won't even tell this or tomorrow everyone is running with one...

7- P90 --> Most accurate , fast and with most damage it is the worst noob guns of the smg class, this gun brings down everyone in close as long range combat

8- RPD --> Ok , want to hunt a sniper down with a 300 bullets mag, enjoy your new noob weapon, this gun shoots the crap out of people and has an equivalent range and damage of 80% which makes it the most noobish LMG in the game

9- Hey, let's get a 25killstreak with our eyes shut, Even when firing from the hip , the AUG HBar is a noob gun , you spray bullets all over the place but you hit the whole place at the same time...

10- Barret 50cal--> I see a lot of players using this gun, this is noob, it has a large mag, you can shoot from close range as fast as an MP5 and you can hit people through 80% of all walls

So I'll just finish my list here, thanks for reading and no friend requests online please

1vs1 --> Sponsored players only

Want to assist one of my games --> call madcatz and arrange your creditcard to watch the game

Want clan tryout =

1 No noob tubes ( grenade launcher )
2 Ratio above 2.40
3 Good team player and communicator

If you want to become a sponsored player like I am, I recommend training with the FAL , the Intervention and the throwing knife, the try to enter a tournament through a sponsored player, if you have the skills , then welcome in the real gaming world ;)

Modern warfare 2 noob weapons


2010-02-18 05:46:43 by 0497335119



Looking back at 2009

2009-12-04 07:18:07 by 0497335119

Well ... another year will pass on , and I wanted to post a little thing about the 'progression' I made with flash, things I made and things I've done :D

So about the flashes I made :

1- Ping Pong basic game ( 3.93 / 5 )
2- Pool : Pot the balls ( 4.01/ 5 )
3- Brick Breaker obama ( 3.84/ 5 )

I would like to thank everyone who helped me out with getting those nice scores, who wrote great reviews on my flashes.

Special thanks go to who learned me all about flash, so thanks friend !

Also, I would like to say this has been a great year for me, I saw I made progression with flash, I'm almost a year together with my girlfriend Sarah, I bought myself a brand new car and a new pc with windows 7 and a macbook pro.

So thanks to everyone who helped me with ideas for flashes, thanks to the people who wrote reviews with suggestions about how to improve those flashes and thanks to the one's who wrote negative ... yes negative ! ... reviews , but who also have written in those reviews how to improve and not only "you suck ... "

A little preview of 2010:

In January I'm planning to bring out a flash called " How to make a review" , it's a serious thing, but there will be humour in it and other funny stuff that make it fun to watch and that could help people writing usefull reviews! The flash isn't finished yet, so if you have suggestions, funny ideas or just want to help, pm me, you'll be added as co-author ;)

In March I'm planning to start a collab, with all my three minigames from 2009 with the improvements people told me to and 3 brand new minigames, involving a dart game, a race game and a little surprise ;) also here, If anyone wants to help or has ideas, don't hesitate to ask !

Looking back at 2009